Mind Body Movement 10

60,00 CHF

Spirals – Mind Body Movement – Program Number 10

Spirals is a license free group movement workout program set to inspiring and motivating music chosen specifically for each individual section. This program is for everybody incorporating choreography that is designed to focus on specific styles of both dynamic stretching and stability challenge. Not only a challenging workout but energizing.

Michael King

Michael’s reputation as a renowned presenter both in Fitness and Pilates has been established since 1980. He is the founding director of the Pilates institute in London and his programs are taught in over 30 countries worldwide

Veronica Ponieman

A professional dancer with more than 20 years of experience. Veronica is trained in many different areas in communication to art and in acting. Trained at the Alvin Ailey Dance Centre in New York, also at the Centre de Danse Du.

Both program creators have worked extensively in Dance, Fitness and Pilates for many years. They combined their unique skills and talents to bring you the latest Mind Body Movement Program.

« I really think there is a dancer in everybody, when you hear that piece of music that just makes you move or a piece of music that reminds of a special moment – Thats Spirals » Michael King

  • Track 1 – Just the way you
  • Track 2 – One less lonely girl
  • Track 3 – Girl
  • Track 4 – Watching me
  • Track 5 – Love lives
  • Track 6 – Down on me
  • Track 7 – Never say never
  • Track 8 – Jar of hearts
  • Track 9 – All you need is love
  • Track 10 – Art of love